Episode 6: Ghosts of The Carlotta

The venerable Villa Carlotta — home to show business A-listers in the Golden Age, and later to a generation of young actors, writers and musicians  — sits, a hollowed-out shell, on Hollywood’s Franklin Avenue. It may or may not be about to undergo a transformation into an upscale hotel. What happens to a community when it’s driven from the place where it’s made a home? One resident stubbornly hangs on, battling for the soul of a building that once buzzed with life and energy.



  • “Home,” by Henry Hall and his Gleneagles Hotel Band
  • “Twine,” by Podington Bear
  • “It’s All Forgotten Now,” by Ray Noble and His Orchestra
  • “Tuesday’s Tune,” by Herschel Burke Gilbert
  • “Toccatta and Fugue in D Minor,” by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • “Zombie,” By Johnny Fever (Sam Fuller)
  • “Csm,” by Podington Bear

Photos, top to bottom:
Carlotta exterior 2008 by Stinson Carter
Carlotta lobby 2015
Carlotta lobby 2014 by Stinson Carter
Carlotta courtyard 2014 by Stinson Carter
Carlotta courtyard 2015 

Thanks to Sylvie Shain (above). For more information on the campaign to save the Villa Carlotta, see its Facebook page.

Read Stinson Carter’s excellent piece about The Carlotta in Vanity Fair.