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December 2015

Letters From HOME #2: A Brian Wilson Story

If you found your way here via The Atlantic’s “50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2015,” welcome! Hope you’ll give “The House On The Hill” and all the other Season 1 episodes a spin. HOME returns with new episodes in January, and in the meantime, here’s another in a series of outtakes from the first season. In this one, from “In Their Room,” author Peter Ames Carlin sketches the long, long road to the release of Brian Wilson’s “Smile.”

Letters From HOME #1: What The Monkees Did And Didn’t Do

In the spirit of the holiday season, and to fill the empty, meaningless hours until HOME returns for Season 2 in January, I’ve decided to publish what are essentially DVD extras — because who doesn’t love DVD extras, right? These are bits of interviews that for one reason or another didn’t make it into the final cuts, but are nonetheless interesting. Because some of them are off-topic for a podcast that’s about home I’ll be publishing them straight to Soundcloud and not pushing them into the main show feed.

Here’s the first one, in which Denny Tedesco, the director of the excellent music documentary “The Wrecking Crew,” talks a little about the “conspiracy” to keep record buyers from knowing that The Monkees didn’t initially play on their own records. You can hear more of Denny in Episode 5, “Growing Up 818.”

Update: Season 2

Season 2 of HOME comes your way in January. Subscribe today and new episodes will automagically fly through the aether to you more or less the very second they’re released. And if you get a moment between now and the start of the new season to tell your friends about the show, or even better, to rate and/or review it at the iTunes Store, why, there’ll be a fine fat goose under your Christmas tree!*

(Many thanks to the most excellent Podington Bear for much of the music used in Season 1, including “Vox Bubble Rumba,” heard in this audio update.)

*Not a binding promise of an actual goose

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